Wockhardt Anganwadis

Wockhardt Anganwadis (An ISO Certified Project) is an initiative to add value to the quality of existing Govt. Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) by implementing a holistic program & accrediting them with ISO Certification, in order to benefit the most vulnerable & important section of the society - young children, adolescent girls & women - through the provision of Health, Nutrition, Early Childhood Education (ECE) & Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Activities.

Key Strategies:

1. To identify the gaps in the existing system & address them to upgrade AWCs
2. To identify the strengths of the current system & build on them
3. To provide trainings to improve
    a. The monitoring system
    b. All 4 components component {Health, Nutrition, ECE & BCC}
    c. Overall quality
4. To provide technical inputs to improve the infrastructure facilities, in order to make the AWCs child friendly
5. To increase the availability of sufficient resource material like play material, books, art and craft material, music instruments,     etc.
6. To implement contextually appropriate innovative approaches for holistic improvement of the ECE program

Duration: 3 years


1. Education

• Regular attendance of children of 3-6 years of age group
• Holistic development of children of 3-6 year of age i.e. Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Linguistic
• Readiness activities (Reading, Writing and Mathematics) using play way approach

2. Health

• Timely Immunisation (0-3 years)
• Regular height-weight measurements
• Determination of malnutrition status

3. Nutrition

• Healthy food and Clean water (3-6 years)
• Regular and timely distribution of fortified food items for children and mothers

4. Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)

• Regular sessions with Adolescent girls, Pregnant women, Lactating mothers and Community at large on various awareness issues

5. Other

• Child friendly environment (colourful posters, black boards, etc.)
• Functional and clean toilets and wash area
• Clean AWCs
• Ample age appropriate play material, books and art & craft material
• Ample activities from indigenous material
• Age appropriate readiness activity material

Contact Details:

Mr. Jitesh Rambhia - General Manager, Wockhardt Foundation