What is E-Learning?

The E-learning programme is intended to make learning a funfilled and interactive experience. The programme is developed by quality e-learning experts and qualified instructional designers. Programme is designed for students from Standard 1st to 10th. The curriculum is as prescribed and followed by State Board. The complete syllabus is made into an audio-visual formats in regional Languages. The Audio visual format comprises of an interactive question bank and is designed with a child friendly interface.


The E-learning Programme of Wockhardt Foundation aims at ensuring academic excellence through quality and innovative teaching methods.

NEED FOR E-Learning

Recently conducted survey by a reputed organization indicated that

  • 57% of schools have 3 teachers or less
  • 58% of class 5 students cannot read class 2 text books
  • 75% of class 5 students cannot do simple division
  • 47% of class 5 students cannot do simple subtraction
  • Lack of infrastructure and innovation in quality teaching methodologies
  • High students dropout at primary education stage due to lack of motivation to study and lack of opportunities.
  • High absenteeism


  • The school is provided with E-learning system comprising of hardware and software.
  • On-site support for 3 years is provided for the entire system including software upgrades.
  • The school teachers are trained to operate the E-learning equipped classrooms.
  • Wockhardt Foundation monitors the daily operation of E-Learning at the schools.

HARDWARE (Option Wise)

Option 1 :

  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • CPU
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Speaker Set
  • Inverter & Battery Backup
  • Donor’s Plaque

Option 2 : (Only for Maharashtra)

  • Smart TV
  • Mouse
  • Memory Card
  • Speaker Set
  • Inverter & Battery Backup (Optional)
  • Donor’s Plaque

Option 3 :

  • Projector
  • Interactive smart Board
  • CPU
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Speaker Set
  • Inverter & Battery Backup
  • Donor’s Plaque
  • Wall Cabinet


Comprehensive Educational Software including the following State Board based curriculum from Std. 1st to 10th in all Medium for all subjects.

Maharashtra Board Marathi & English
Gujarat Board Gujarati
Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan Board Hindi
Telangana, Andhra Pradesh Board Telugu
Kerala Board Malayalam
Karnataka Board Kannada
CBSE Board English


Interesting Support Attendance Goodwill
Interactive Quality Content – State Board Cost Effective Far reaching impact
Retention Technology / Computers Maintenance Wallpaper & Launch Screen in the software recognizing donor’s contribution. Donor’s name is displayed every time the teacher logs in to the software.
Attendance Question Bank Proven Contents
Scores   Not dependent on Net Connectivity / Costs


Wockhardt Foundation has been running this program for the under privileged students of Parali Village Ashram School in Thane district and the results have been extremely encouraging. In 2012 the school secured 45% pass percentage in SSC board result, after installing E-Learning in 2013 there was a marked improvement in academic scores, the school secure 100% pass percentage in 2015 as compared to 80% & 95% in 2013 & 2014.

Given the outstanding performance of the Parli Ashram School, Wockhardt Foundation has implemented E-Learning at 585 publically funded schools in villages & cities of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Nagaland & Rajasthan.

Budget for 1set/school with 3yrs onsite service & software upgradation :

Option 1:
Rs 1,00,000/- (One Lakh Only) for 3yrs

Option 2 : (Only For Maharashtra)
Rs 65,000/- (Sixty Five Thousand Only) for 3yrs

Option 3 :
Rs 1,80,000/- (One Lakh, Eighty Thousand Only) for 3yrs

*This is inclusive of Project Management Cost

  • Hardware and Software
  • Identification of Schools
  • Agreement with Schools
  • Teachers Training
  • Purchase and Installation of Inverter
  • Help Desk at Wockhardt Foundation for Emergency Issues
  • Annually Impact Assessment submission to donor
  • Monthly MIS Submission to donor

Contact Details:

Dr. Tausif Jalal
Programme Head Email: tjalal@wockhardtfoundation.org
Website: www.wf-elearning.org