• Eradication of poverty has been a monumental challenge for successive governments of our country ever since we got our independence. After the lapse of over half a century and more, this mammoth task continues to be mind-boggling due to a host of obstacles many of which are sadly man-made and avoidable. Creating employment opportunities to keep pace with the rapid increase in population is a daunting challenge faced bravely by public and private sectors alike with the help of NGOs. Through the institution of these awards, Wockhardt Foundation pays tribute to the architects of modern India who are working tirelessly to raise this stratum of the population literally by the bootstraps above the poverty line.

The Award Process

  • Wockhardt Foundation Eradication of Poverty Popular Award - 17th October 2017

Kindly note:

  • Start Date - 27th September 2017
  • End Date - 15th October 2017
  • Award Date - 17th October 2017