• It is often said by activists, rather tongue-in-cheek, that development and environmental damage are the two sides of the same coin. But if we subscribe to that extreme view, civilizations wouldn’t have emerged over the centuries and we wouldn’t have enjoyed the facilities of community living. The trick lies in balancing the two intelligently as well as innovatively so that pro-environment need not be synonymous with anti-development, especially in the developing world.
  • Environmental issues transcend the traditional domains of water / air / noise pollution. Alternative energy sources, afforestation, global warming, wild life, safe food sources, cost-effective disposal of waste and a host of other issues have become the nightmares of modern planners across the globe. But despite such formidable odds, there are committed environmentalists who are putting in untiring efforts to ward off a crisis that could spell doom for mankind as a whole. Wockhardt Foundation takes pleasure in recognizing and saluting them through these awards.
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