Organ Daan


To educate and sensitize the public about organ donation and encourage pledging of organs.


Every year in India, 5 lakh people die waiting for organs to be transplanted. Though 2,00,000 people need a kidney every year, only 3% get it. Our organ donation rate, at 0.34 per million, is among the lowest in the world and we stand at 0.08% as organ donors per million (PMP). While countries like Singapore, Belgium and Spain have an aggressive approach of ‘presumed consent’ which permits organ donation by default, achieving a high rate of donations averaging between 20-40 PMP, other countries like US, UK, Germany & Netherlands having ‘family consent’ system have also reached 10-30 PMP. To get in pace with the increasing demand for transplants, a lot of successful strategies have to be promoted.

What is Organ Daan?

Organ Daan is a programme of Wockhardt Foundation, advocating organ donation. It is aimed at spreading public awareness about importance of donating organs and encouraging pledging of organs for transplantation to save lives. The programme would focus on educating the public by breaking the barriers, myths and misconceptions surrounding organ donation and thereby encouraging volunteered organ donation which is ultimately necessary to control commercial transplantation or organ trafficking.

Contact Details:

Mr. Jitesh Rambhia, Programme Head (Organ Daan),