Adarsh Gram Yojana

Wockhardt Foundation launches Adarsh Gram Yojana programme
for development of Abdimandi village in Maharashtra

In alignment with PM Modi’s Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana scheme for rural development, Wockhardt Foundation launched ‘Adarsh Gram Yojana’ programme in January 2015 under which it will be adopting villages and gradually providing the seven rural development initiatives - literacy, primary healthcare, sanitation, employment, water security and purity, electrification and cleanliness. To start with, Wockhardt Foundation inaugurated its Mobile 1000 health van in Abdimandi village to provide healthcare services.

Adarsh Gram Yojana (AGY):

In Abdimandi village following programmes have been implemented with community participation during 2015-16.
1. Water security and purity: In order to have water security and purity, Wockhardt Foundation has taken up activities as per needs expressed by village community and Gram Panchayat. Pipeline of 5 KM length for drinking water supply was replaced as it was not in working condition. A water purification plant of having capacity of 2000 LPH is established and handed over to Gram Panchayat for pure water supply to villagers.
2. Cleanliness: (Solid Waste Management) The need for genuine and organized initiatives in the waste management has been regularly voiced in village. With the emerging concern on large quantity of the waste being produced both in the form of solid and liquid waste, the concept of waste management become one of the key focus of sustainable development. To address the issue of waste management, Foundation initiated community based waste management programme in Abdimandi.
3. Tree plantation: On occasion of Environment Day 2015 a tree plantation programme was initiated with the participation of Gram Panchayat. As per requirement of villagers at individual and community level (public places in village) tree plantation was done and this is continued by villagers.
4. Literacy: Computer training center is established as part of skill development programme for youth. Basic computer knowledge is being taught by center. Around 24 youth have benefited.
5. One time meal for Needy people: Recently as per requirement from village, one time meal to very poor and needy people has been started.
6. Sanitation: Awareness and promotion of use of Toilet and also construction of toilets in Villages. To facilitate / guide for follow-up with Govt programme for linkages.
7. Electrification: Facilitating / follow-up with Govt programme and if required to promote solar lights.

Scaling up AGY programme:

During year 2015-16 Adarsh Gram Yojana is being expanded in following 20 villages of Aurangabad district.
Pokhari, Bakapur, Mandki, Maliwada, Kesapuri, Asegaon, Dudhad, Bamurda, Apatgaon, Sultanpur, Mausada, Khirdi, Golegaon, Rasulpura, Gadhe-jalgaon, Khande pimpalgaon, Viramgaon, Ghodegaon and Bhatji.
Village Development Plan (VDP) for these villages is being done through Village Micro Planning process with participation of village Gram panchayat. At present as priority water conservation and primary Health care programme are proposed to implement with community participation.
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